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  • A short remembrance of my Zen teacher, the late Kobun Chino Otogawa. [Download PDF...]
  • 'Credo'. It's rather in the spirit of Gregory Bateson (and begs to be misunderstood in the same way!): [Download PDF... ]
  • Here is a recent letter in the Times Literary Supplement on human overpopulation. [Download PDF...]
  • 'From Enlightenment to Enchantment: Changing the Question', just published in Ruth Thomas-Pellicer, Vito de Lucia and Sian Sullivan (eds), Contributions to Law, Philosophy and Ecology: Exploring Re-embodiments (Routledge, 2016) pp. 106-118: [Download PDF...]
  • Re-Enchanting the Academy (Aukland/ Seattle: Rubedo Press, 2017), pp. 33-54.[Download PDF...]
  • 'Global Hope' [Download PDF...]
  • 'The Third Road: Faërie in Hypermodernity' [Download PDF...]
  • 'Radical Metaphor: Or Why Place, Nature & Narrative are Each Other but aren't Themselves' [Download PDF...]
  • A major new paper, Enchantment and Modernity : go to and click on 'View/open', or access on my website [more...]
  • CHINA: There and Back Again [Download PDF... ]
  • A letter to Clive James [Download PDF... ]
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  • 'My editorial for the first issue of The Ecological Citizen': [Editorial V2...]
  • A review of Wendy Wheeler, Expecting the Earth, on biosemiotics: [Download PDF...]
  • Ecodemocracy: helping wildlife's right to survive, with Joe Gray: [Download PDF...]
  • The Ecological Citizen: An impulse of life, for life [Download PDF...]
  • Defending the Humanities: Metaphor, Nature and Science [Download PDF...]
  • Revaluing Body and Earth [Download PDF...]
  • From Ecocriticism to Ecohumanities: An Essay-Review of Lyric Ecology (2010) [Download PDF... ]
  • Grizzly Man and the Spiritual Life (2010) [Download PDF... ]
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  • Tolkien: The Forest and the City, published in Tolkien Studies, vol. 7 (2015) pp. 189-96: [Download PDF... ]
  • A short talk on the question 'Is The Lord of the Rings a great book? [Download PDF ...]
  • 'Deep Roots' - Introduction. Download PDF..
  • 'The Critical Response to Tolkien's Fiction'. Download PDF..
  • TLS Review of Saler”, [Download PDF ...]
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  • Tolkien and the Critics: A Critique” [Download PDF... ]

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Divination and Astrology

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